First Actor To Play Jason Voorhees In Friday the 13th Movie Meets Fans

He played the very first Jason Voorhees in the horror film Friday the 13th that came out almost 35 years.
On Friday night actor Ari Lehman was signing autographs and meeting fans at Sound Go Round in Vestal.  The actor is also a musician and has his own band, called you guessed it ."First Jason." On Friday night his band was playing at Fitzie's Irish Pub in the city.

"You could never measure the immense influence that Jason Voorhees has had. Jason is appealing perhaps because hes not a scheming evil character, hes more like a troubled child whose vengeance has gone horribly wrong" said 
Ari Lehman, Actor.

Ari was the first of many actors to play the infamous Jason Voorhees from the long running Friday the 13th series. He and his wife currently live in Chicago. (Source: FOX 40, October 10, 2014. )

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