[Random Cool] Ari Lehman, The First Jason Voorhees, Has A Band Named First Jason!

Remember the original Friday The 13th and how (SPOILER ALERT) it was actually Jason’s mother that was behind everything? We didn’t get our famed masked killer until Friday The 13th Part 2, the machete-wielding bastard that we’ve all come to know and love! But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t get a taste of Jason and his hideous visage until that movie. Oh no, we have actor Ari Lehman to thank for bringing us the beginnings of horror’s most prolific mass murderer! He was the Jason that burst out of the lake and pulled Alice into the cold, dark, murky waters of Camp Crystal Lake.

But what many of you might not know (and myself included until very recently) is that Ari Lehman has a band that is themed around Jason Voorhees! Aptly named First Jason, it is described as metal/horror rock and Lehman plays a badass keytar that is built from a large machete! Seriously, it’s one of the most metal instruments I’ve ever seen.

Head on below to check out their track “Into The Storm”, their video for “Jason’s Bride”, and to see their cover of Heed My Warning. Also, make sure to pick up your copy of Heed My Warningthrough First Jason‘s website. (Source: Bloody Disgusting, March 10, 2014 http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3282710/random-cool-ari-lehman-the-first-jason-voorhees-has-a-band-named-first-jason/ )