"First Jason is amazing...hits you over the head with an anvil being swung at 1000 miles an hour by the metal gods. ...Lehman and crew break out of your speakers in surround-sound, get in your face, flash you the devil horns ... will leave your jaw dragging across the floor." COLLEGE NEWS

 "....Ari and band has always been a part of the whole horror metal/punk scene - and surely only the harshest critic would deny Lehman the opportunity to exploit a history with its spine in exploitation itself,,, First Jason, with 'Heed My Warning', has almost developed a brand of thinking man's horror-themed rock and, when you consider that Lehman was barely a teenager when he hopped aboard the horror express to lifelong notoriety, it's some achievement. The more blinkered of horror rock fans may well baulk at the sounds summoned up by the outfit (Lehman, on vocals as well as "keychete", joined on the recording by drummers...), the Electric Machete Keytar stabbing out a soundmix of distorted guitar and bass, but few could argue that Lehman is, once again, creating something memorable by borrowing from the past and updating with his own vision...just like Cunningham did in 1980."- UBER ROCK UK  

ARI LEHMAN is available for appearances, autograph and photo-op sessions, interviews, films, voice-overs, compositions and soundtracks, public speaking, and FIRST JASON performances.

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