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Friday The 13th: 13 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Original Horror Movie Classic

Ari LehmanN [sic] Kept His Distance From The Friday The 13th Cast To Prepare For The Role 

"The admittedly tacked-on twist ending would open up the possibility for Friday the 13th to launch a franchise, following the murders of an undead Jason Voorhees ... However, the first actor to play the character in that brief moment from the original was Ari Lehmann [sic], who revealed in an interview with writer Stever De Roover (via that he took the role very seriously. He went method by keeping his distance from other actors and spending most of his time staring endlessly into the lake while on set, which Kevin Bacon happened to find hilarious. 

While he never got to reprise the character in any of the following Friday the 13th movies, I find Ari Lehmann’s [sic] otherwise short portrayal of Jason Voorhees to be one of the creepiest and truly startling of the entire series." Read more here

By Jason Wiese, Cinema Blend, November 2, 2021

What Jason Voorhees From The Original Friday The 13th Looks Like Today 

"The role of Jason Voorhees has become a legendary mantle in cinema, with many talented performers donning the hockey mask, and one actor even holding the status of playing both Jason and Freddy Krueger at different times. But only Ari Lehman can claim to be the one that started the legacy of this iconic horror villain. " Read more here

By Ethan Zack, Looper, November 28, 2021


Famous Friday The 13th Actor Visits The Outsiders House Ahead Of Halloween

"TULSA, Oklahoma -  "Friday the 13th" is one of the most iconic horror films ever made. 

News on 6 was there as the actor who played the first Jason Voorhees stopped in Tulsa to talk to fans right before Halloween. Ari Lehman, who is also in a heavy metal band, said the fans are what keep the excitement alive. Diehard fans of "Friday the 13th" lined up at the Outsiders House Museum to say hey to the actor who played First Jason. He said he was just a teenager when the movie was filmed. 

The fans were dedicated, dressed, and ready to meet the original Jason Voorhees. "   Read more and watch News 9's video.

By Kristen Weaver, News 9, October 29, 2021 

Thrill of fear with the original Jason

"You might not realize it, but you probably saw Ari Lehman in your nightmares. 

As far as he’s concerned, you’re welcome. 

'In a horror film, OK, there’s that visceral experience of fear, which is a thrill,' said Lehman, who portrayed the killer Jason Voorhees in the first “Friday the 13th” movie. 'But it’s a thrill in a safe environment. Ultimately you know you’re there watching a movie with friends.' 

Lehman was in Lima on Wednesday, playing a gig at The Lab in downtown Lima with his punk and hard rock band, First Jason. He said he enjoyed performing at the unique space.  ... 'I’m very impressed by the art scene in Lima,” Lehman said. “It is significant. Whatever is going on to make that happen, they need to keep doing it.'"  Read more here.

By David Trinko, The Lima News, October 23, 2021 


"Horror metal band First Jason, featuring Friday The 13th’s original “Jason Voorhees” Ari Lehman, has announced the release of its new video for their latest single “The Price Of Peace.” Describing the song as embodying a harder edge than the band’s recent projects, Lehman says he is particularly proud of this track as it is reminiscent of the group’s earlier work. ...What’s also different about the “Price Of Peace” is its subject matter. Written during quarantine, the song explores today’s turbulent times.

To truly capture the song’s apocalyptic feel, Lehman and bandmates turned to esteemed production company Camp Rattler, under the direction of James Callahan to film the video. The video was shot in bucolic Dalton, PA and, according, to Callahan is the first of a series of two videos depicting “an ongoing pilgrimage of lost souls towards what they feel will be the ‘Promised Land..' 'They all seek their ‘beloved’ Jason Voorhees.  ...The message and the imagery is really resonating with fans.' 

Callahan is right. Since its release on the Camp Rattler social channels alone, the video has amassed over 30 thousand views on Instagram and 10 thousand views on YouTube in less than a week. However, according to Lehman and Callahan, this is just the start of their collaboration."

Read more here

By Brave Words, October 20, 2021 

VIDEO PREMIERE: Horror metal band First Jason ponders ‘The Price of Peace’ in apocalyptic times

 “Despite shooting for hours, Lehman’s energy actually seems to increase in take after take, even as heavy smoke fills the air from controlled fires nearby. His passion for the material bleeds through everything he does because he is as much of a fan as everyone on set, including indie wrestler Megiddo, who drove to Northeastern Pennsylvania from Texas just to be an extra in the video. His dedication was rewarded when he was asked to don the mask and play Voorhees himself looming in the background. 

And in his own way, Lehman has never stopped playing Jason, continuing his story through creative avenues that no movie studio would ever attempt to take. [...]

This video is Part 1 of an ongoing pilgrimage of lost souls towards what they feel will be the Promised Land. They all seek their ‘beloved’ Jason Voorhees. Ari Lehman and First Jason break new ground with ‘The Price of Peace.’ Catch the entire album at To discover where all these tragic travelers finally end up, subscribe to Camp Rattler on YouTube for ‘Part 2: The Scapegoat’ by First Jason. The continuation is slated for summer 2022.” Read more here

By Rich Howells, NEPA Scene, October 13, 2021


 “DEMON VEGAN & GEMINI CROW HOT SAUCE are proud to announce the release of the latest in a series of spicy elixirs from the original Jason Voorhees, Ari Lehman, from the iconic horror franchise ‘Friday the 13th’; FIRST JASONs HEAT MY WARNING. 

2020 saw the horror community celebrate the 40th anniversary of arguably the most popular & iconic franchise in horror movie history, Friday the 13th. In partnership with Gemini Crow Hot Sauce, Ari Lehman under the banner, FIRST JASON, released, FIRST JASONs ’40’ ; a majestic hybrid of sweet and heat. 

With 2020 now behind us, GEMINI CROW / DEMON VEGAN have re-imagined ‘FIRST JASONs ’40’, promising the same devastating blend of sweet & heat, under the new moniker, FIRST JASONs HEAT MY WARNING. [...]

‘FIRST JASONs HEAT MY WARNING is the 5th in the DEMON VEGAN / GEMINI CROW line of hot sauces, following ‘SLASHER SAUCE’, ‘BLOOD OF THE LAKE’, and the two limited releases, ‘SLASHER SAUCE – PART 2′ & ’40’."  Read more here

By Michael Joy, Horror Screams Video Vault, (Updated)  January 23, 2021

Ki Ki Ki Ha Ha Ha richmond... As expected, they kill, and kill, and kill again!

 "I remember that autumn night in 1980 like it was yesterday.  My experience with horror movies up until then was relegated to the likes of Bella Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and Lon Chaney, Jr.  On that night, I was introduced to the one and only Ari Lehman, the actor who played the very first Jason Voorhees in the now-infamous "Friday the 13th" series.   While his screen time was very short-lived, the memories and nightmares have haunted me until this very day.  On October 17th, 2020, at Rick's Rock Cafe, I was finally able to come ace to face with haunting figure as his band, First Jason, took the stage.  [...]

A classically-trained pianist, Ari's fingers moved across the high distortion keytar with (thankfully) more grace than a machete in the hand of Jason.   His classical training came into light as he introduced a largely rock and metal audience to a little metallic Bach with a brief passage from Toccata and Fugue.  ...Admittedly, I had never considered keyboards as a metal instrument,  but after hearing Ari play, I want to hear more." Read more here.

By Dave Pearson, Digital Beat Magazine, October 21, 2020

friday the 13th Star Ari Lehman Launches First Jason’s 40 Hot SaucE

"First Jason’s 40 Hot Sauce celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the original Friday the 13th movie. 

It’s time to spice things up as Gemini Crow / Demon Vega has teamed up with original Jason Voorhees actor Ari Lehman to create a special range of celebratory hot sauces. 

Known as First Jason’s 40 this range of three wonderful hot sauces will certainly put a spring in your step and a sizzle on your tongue.  Read more here.

By Sean Evans, Horror Asylum, August 28, 2020  

Music Video: Voorhees Is The Name by Ari Lehman

Interview with Actor/Musician Ari Lehman

Ari Lehman: FIRst Jason Live!

Ari Lehman on the Many Musical Styles of Jason Voorhees

"... And Leave 'Em Writing In The Aisles!"