"Ari, you are one cool dude my friend. Love your slasher sauce! I added it to my meatloaf recipe." - (The Great American Actor) JIMMY HAMPTON 

"Can't have Super Bowl nachos without awesome cat cup and #slashersauce!"- Brian Olson

"First Jason, Ari Lehman, performing with his band. He’s got a KILLER KEYTAR that is literally a giant machete blade connected to a keyboard. The guy can totally sing and shred across a keyboard like no-other! Super rad to listen to him perform! Also really great guy to talk to!" - Justin Lassen (at The Monsterland Zombie Ball)

"Shredding!" - Mike Vicario

"Yesssss!!" - Edwin De La Cruz

"I'm here!! And loving the awesomeness!!! - Kristen Simelton

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ... !!!  - Christine Machanska

"If y'all have never listened to First Jason you're missing out. ...Like, look at that fucking keytar tho." - John Emory       

"That's a very cool looking shirt, shame I hate Friday the 13th" - A Horror Fan (about Sons of Voorhees First Jason T-Shirt)

"First Jason is amazing...hits you over the head with an anvil being swung at 1000 miles an hour by the metal gods. ...Lehman and crew break out of your speakers in surround-sound, get in your face, flash you the devil horns ... will leave your jaw dragging across the floor." -COLLEGE NEWS

"First Jason, with 'Heed My Warning', has almost developed a brand of thinking man's horror-themed rock" - Gaz E UBER ROCK UK

"This musical endeavor by original Jason Voorhees actor Ari Lehman is pretty impressive. His talent developed through his training in classical and jazz piano really comes through in this unique blend of rock, punk, and hardcore. If you're a horror fan or a fan of this genre of music, pick this up, it's definitely a compliment to anyone's collection." - Levi Most

Horror Hosts Baron Morbid and Jacques Strahp of The Basement of Baron Morbid sample Ari Lehman's very own Slasher Sauce. Delicious!



"Outstanding release from an outstanding "Jason"!

"Ari Lehman is the true "First Jason," that is, the first actor to ever portray Jason Voorhees from the original Friday the 13th. The image of young Jason jumping out of the lake to pull poor Alice from her boat is forever labeled as one of the best jump ending scenes in horror cinema.

That being said, Ari went on and created his own band, "First Jason." There are no subtleties here. He is proud to have played Jason, and many of the songs on this release have a Jason and/or horror film influence. They have a hard punk sound and are very enjoyable.

I met Ari Lehman at a horror convention and I have to say that he is a very nice and down-to-earth guy. I got his autograph and as a present he gave my 5-year old son this CD. He also took the time to tell my boy a few stories about the filming of the original Friday the 13th. My son was abolutely mesmerized by Ari. On the way home we slipped the CD into my car stereo and again, my son was taken aback.

Not only does Ari have the prestigious claim to be the "First Jason," he is also an all around great guy and fantastic musician/song writer.

And remember: JASON IS WATCHING!" - F. Nava


"You might think you know what you're in for. You might think that First Jason is just a novelty band fronted by the actual "First Jason," Ari Lehman. You might think that listening to the CD would be amusing and that the songs would wear off soon. You might think these, and a thousand other things based on other icons-turned-musicians. And you'd be wrong in just about every case. First Jason is not just some wannabe band. It's the real deal, punk-metal at its finest, and damned catchy. And now, with the release of their first album, Jason is Watching, they've gone from a live-show-only band to one that you can throw on your iPod and jam to.

Jason is Watching You is a tight collection of eight songs, each with its own distinct flavor, but all tied together with a murderous punk rhythm and blistering solos with Lehman's "Key-Sword," a keyboard duct-taped to a Chinese sword and played like a guitar. And before you ask, not every song is about the legendary Mr. Voorhees. There are quite a few that, admittedly, play into Lehman's fame as the boy who jumped out of the lake. "Jason is Watching," for example, is obviously about the titular psycho, as is "Jason Never Dies." But there's more to this band than just movie references. They are, dare I say, introspective on songs like "Soul Seller" and "Power from the Pain." And throughout the song "Machete is my Friend," one can easily picture Lehman swinging a machete with murder in his eyes and joy in his heart.

The best songs on this album are catchy and show real musicianship with tight melodies and vicious hooks. "Red Red Red" is one of those songs that you'll catch yourself singing to yourself at inappropriate times because you can't get the damned thing out of your head (trust me...I speak from personal experience here). "Soul Seller" is excellent because the funk-inspired baseline is infectious, and unexpected, and the song genuinely rocks. And the impressive hooks on "Jason Never Dies!" is a testament to Lehman's keyboard prowess.

You may have seen Lehman at conventions, but until you hear his band you don't know him. Not just another actor with a band, Lehman is a real musician, and the music on this CD is diverse enough to prove it."   - Scott A. Johnson